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2007 AUG 20TH
1. Declaration of Republic
2. Nationalisation of King Birendra"s property
3. Removal of Nepal Army from Royal Palace
4. Punishing the perpetrators indicted by the Rayamajhi Commission
5. Constitution of Securuty Council as per interim constitution and work for Integration of the PLA
6. Convening of round table conference of different interest groups
7. Running the Government on the base of consensus
8. Constitution of local body
9. Nomination of Ambassadors, University of ficials,Chief commissioner of CIAA and NHRC
10. Strong action against those responsible for killings after the signing of the CPA
11. Withdrawal of cases against Maoist and freeing of those jailed in Nepal and India
12. Give compensation of a hundred thousand rupees martyrs families of thr People"s War
13. Consttution of a high level commission to investigate the disappearances
14. Manage the PLA camps with government initiation
15. Implementation of cabinet decision to provide Rs.3000 per month to the PLA
16. Formulation of legal and excecutive steps interim constitution
17. Constitution of a high level commission to implement scientific land reform
18. Construction of special body to take action against the corrupt
19. Construction of a high level commission to work for federalism
20. Not to sign any agreement on sharing of watwe resources until the CA elections
21. Fulfilling of the right demands of all agitating groups
22. Implementation of the CPA reached between CPN-Maoist and Government Of Nepal fully.

1. At present all Nepalese desire peace, democracy, prosperity ,social progress and independent and sovereign Nepal. To achieve this goal, we fully agree that the autocratic monarchy is the main obstacle. We are in clear agreement that peace and prosperity of the country is quite impossible without ending autocracy and establishing absolute democracy. Hence, all anti-regressive forces have come to an agreement to focus their attack against the autocratic monarchy independently, and bring it to an end by intensifying the ongoing democratic movement across the country.
2. The seven party alliance is fully convinced that sovereignty and executive right of the people can be reestablished through the reinstatement of parliament (on the basis of people's government); formation of all-party government with full executive power; talks with the Maoists and election to the constituent assembly. Whereas CPN-M believes that people's sovereignty can be established through formation of an interim government formed after a national conference of agitating democratic forces, which will oversee the election to the constituent assembly [This is the only point of divergence, so to speak, between the seven-party alliance and the rebels]. Both of us agree to continue negotiation and dialogue to reach common agreement in these procedural issues. However, we have agreed that people's movement is the only way to attain our agreed goals.
3. The nation has demanded constructive end of the present armed conflict and establishment of lasting peace. Thus, we are fully committed to end autocratic monarchy and establish lasting peace through election to constituent assembly. In this regard, the CPN-M expresses its commitment to move into new peaceful political line. After bringing the autocratic monarchy to an end, we have agreed that the arms of both the Royal Nepalese Army and the Maoists will be supervised by the United Nations of a dependable international body to ensure free and fair election to the constituent assembly. Both parties have also agreed to accept the results of the elections. We also expect an involvement of a credible international community in the dialogue process.
4. CPN-M has expressed firm commitment to acceptance of competitive multiparty system, fundamental rights of the people, human rights, and rule of law and democratic principles and values and to act accordingly.
5. CPN-M has agreed to create conducive atmosphere to allow all leaders and cadres affiliated to other democratic forces and common people, who were displaced from home during the conflict, to return to their respective places with full respect. The Maoists have also agreed to return the houses and physical properties of people and party cadres seized unjustifiably. People will be allowed to take part in political activities without any hindrance.
6. CPN-M has also agreed to criticize itself for its past mistakes and has expressed commitment not to repeat them in future.
7. Parties will introspect on their past mistakes and they have expressed commitment not to repeat such mistakes in future.
8. During the peace process human rights of principles and freedom of press will be fully respected.
9. The municipal and parliamentary polls which have been pushed forward with the malicious intention of deceiving people and the international community, and to legitimize the King's autocratic and unconstitutional rule will be boycotted and made unsuccessful.
10. People's, representatives of people and political parties are the real bulwark of nationalism. We are committed to protecting our independence, national unity and sovereignty, and safeguarding geographical integrity. It is our responsibility to maintain cordial relationship with all nations in the world especially with our neighbors, India and China based on the principle of peaceful co-existence. We appeal to all patriotic Nepalis to be wary of the Mandale brand of nationalism preached by the monarch and his sycophants to protect their rule and interest. We also appeal to the Nepali people and international community to provide help to our Loktantrik movement.
11. We also appeal to all people, civil society members, professional communities, various sister organizations, journalists and intellectuals to participate actively in the people's peaceful movement launched under the common agreement based on democracy, peace, prosperity, social transformation, and the nation's sovereignty.
12. The parties and Maoists have also agreed to probe into past incidents and take action against the guilty. In future, if any problem occurs among political parties, the concerned high-level leaders shall discuss and settle the issues amicably through dialogue.

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